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Hints and tips for preventing food waste by Beverley Jarvis

This blog was written by Beverley Jarvis, author of ‘Eat Well to Age Well‘, to raise awareness of ‘Stop Food Waste Day’. Follow these quick and easy tips to help reduce your daily food waste and become more eco-conscious:

    1. Combine leftover cooked vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and sweet corn with tomato passata, mixed with a little vegetable stock and cooked pasta, to make a tasty pasta bake.
    2. Crumb day-old bread quickly in the food processor. Freeze, then use to make a crisp topping for sweet and savoury dishes. You could use frozen crumbs mixed with seeds as a topping for the cauliflower and broccoli cheese recipe on Page 89 of ‘Eat Well to Age Well’.
    3. If serving just half an avocado, leave the stone in the second half, sprinkle with lemon juice, cover and chill for use on the following day.
    4. Blend leftover oily fish such as salmon or tuna with a little lemon juice, freshly snipped chives and yoghurt or cream cheese to make a delicious, fresh tasting pate. See Page 72 of ‘Eat Well to Age Well’ for a delicious Crab and Wild Salmon Pate.
    5. Eggs freeze well. Always freeze yolks and whites separately and use within 3 months. See Page 195, for my meringues with strawberries and cream recipe.
    6. To make home- made soup go further, add left over vegetables with a little vegetable stock or left over cream. See recipe for hearty vegetable soup, on Page 61.
    7. Add left over vegetables to home-made curry to make it feed an extra person. See chicken and vegetable curry on Page 140.
    8. Combine equal quantities of left over double cream with single cream to make your own whipping cream. Ideal for fruit fools and toppings.
    9. Cooked rice keeps well, if immediately cooled and chilled for up to of a couple of days. It also freezes well.
    10. Make left overs into a plated meals. Cover and chill. Microwave the following day for 31/2 minutes on High to reheat.


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