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Hammersmith Health Books at the Get Well Show 2022

From the 17th – 19th June, we exhibited at the Natural Health Care Show by Get Well at London’s Business Design Centre, where we met with hundreds of people interested in holistic and natural solutions to help treat and prevent a range of health problems.

Located at stand M14, shared with publisher Chelsea Green, we showcased our range of award-winning health and medical books. We are so grateful that many of our authors were able to attend the show, present talks about their books and the topics they are passionate about and, of course, do some great book signings afterwards – where they were able to speak to attendees on a more personal level.

On the first day, Friday 17th June, Carolyn Garritt, author of ‘Get Your Oomph Back’ did a wonderful talk on the benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis and during treatment. She also did a demonstration on the types of movements and exercises you can do safely and most beneficially.

On day two, Saturday 18th, we had two authors represent Hammersmith Health Books at the show. Carolyn Freedman, author of ‘The Scoliosis Handbook’  demonstrated safe and effective exercises for anyone with scoliosis or who’s had spinal fixation surgery. Author of ‘Yoga for Cancer’ , Vicky Fox did a wonderful talk and demonstration showing how yoga and breath-work can alleviate symptoms of cancer treatment.

On Sunday 19th, we had a number of our authors present for the final day, including Dr Sarah Myhill, author of multiple works including ‘The Energy Equation’, ‘Paleo-Ketogenic, the Why and the How’ and ‘Ecological Medicine’. Dr Myhill gave an insightful talk on healing through diet by feeding our mitochondria with their favourite food, ketones, while Dr Raymond Perrin, author of ‘The Perrin Technique’ held an empathetic talk on the importance of good lymphatic drainage, especially in the brain, how poor drainage can be the root cause of chronic fatigue/ME and what simple, gentle exercises can improve lymphatic drainage to relieve CFS/ME and long covid fatigue.

To wrap up an amazing weekend, Sandra Hood and Dr Sarah Myhill also featured in a panel discussion where they debated and discussed Paleo vs Vegan diets. While they expressed differences in whether fats or carbs are the best fuel they shared the view that unprocessed plant foods, with all their flavonoids and fibre, support good health and that sustainable farming and respect for animals and the Earth are key to our future health.

Thank you to our wonderful authors for their involvement in the show and for sharing their insight and research with audiences at the event.

We currently have a special Natural Health Show discount running for the print version of ‘Paleo-Ketogenic: The Why and the How’ by Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson. Simply use code WDDTY2022 at checkout for 15% off!

Were you at the show and enjoyed reading our authors’ works or hearing their talks? We would love to hear your thoughts! You can email us at or Direct Message us on any of our socials.

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