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Could it be a fungal infection? – A ‘must’ event for health professionals

BSEM’s Annual Scientific Conference – Mould and Mycotoxins: Infections, Allergy and other Pathologies 24th June 2022

There is a sad irony in being a health professional – or a health publisher in my case – and seeing a family member fall victim to an unknown health problem. My family member developed ME following a bout of flu and inappropriate treatment with antibiotics; by that time I’d been involved in the publication of some key books on the subject, yet I had no answers. Dr Sarah Myhill’s ‘Groundhog’ protocols made a positive difference. The Perrin Technique made a positive difference. But even so, Dr Perrin was the first to say ‘There’s still underlying inflammation coming from somewhere’. What was it?

Asking the right questions

Conventional medicine had prescribed omeprazole and a gastroscopy for gut issues, steroids for allergic rhinitis and asthma plus a PAP machine for possible sleep apnoea, and ‘graded exercise therapy’ for the fatigue, quoting the PACE study. None of these seemed to be seeking to address the possible cause and no one was interested in finding out what the problem was. Nut until I had a conversation at a conference with Dr Myhill. Could the problem be a fungal infection and the effects of mycotoxins? A blood test showed a range of mycotoxins that were off the scale and targeted treatment began, including Dr Myhill’s ‘Groundhog Acute’ regime, an antifungal medication and a month in a very dry climate. A repeat of the blood test showed huge progress. Where would my family member be now had that question – ‘Could it be a fungal infection?’ – not been asked and investigated?

BSEM’s Annual Scientific Conference on Mould and Mycotoxins has been organized by Dr Myhill, with a range of international, expert speakers. Hammersmith Health Books will be present to make Dr Myhill’s books – and those of other ecological health practitioners – available. All health professionals should increase their awareness of this largely overlooked problem and consider signing up to attend in-person or online.



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