Nature’s Colour Codes eBook


‘Let food be your medicine…’

The Nature Cures Pocketbooks expand on popular topics in the encyclopaedic, 1300-page Nature Cures: The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods, including specific foods and food groups, health problems, ailments and symptoms. (The series complements and is supported by the author’s internationally popular website, which has already received over 2,500,000 hits.)

Nature has kindly colour-coded foods for us and each colour signifies different compounds which the body needs on a regular, and often daily, basis. Many are powerful substances that can help to remedy human health issues without any of the side-effects that can be suffered with conventional medications. Nature’s Colour Codes describes what these potent nutrients are, why the body needs them and which foods contain them, so that they are not omitted from the daily diet. It also explains how to consume the widest range, when it may be necessary to avoid certain colourful foods, and how to separate natural from artificial. Know your colours for optimum health!



The importance of minerals; Why we should ‘eat the rainbow’; The relevance of ‘free radicals’ and ‘antioxidants’; The six colour categories of natural foods – Black/blue/violet/purple; Green; Red; Yellow/orange; White/cream; Brown/gold – and what these colours mean; The health benefits of the nutrients that colour foods; How to consume a wide selection of colours; What to avoid when; Artificial colours and related health problems

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About the Author

Nat Hawes runs a successful Nutritional Therapy Clinic in London, England, where she deals with patients suffering from allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes, digestive disorders, infertility, insomnia, obesity, pain and inflammation and mental health issues. She has spent 15 years researching and compiling her internationally popular website which brings together both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions, and the healing properties of natural foods.
Craig Robinson took a first in Mathematics at Oxford University in 1985. He then joined Price Waterhouse and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988, after which he worked as a lecturer in the private sector, and also in The City of London, primarily in Financial Sector Regulation roles. Craig first met Sarah in 2001, as a patient for the treatment of his CFS, and since then they have developed a professional working relationship, where he helps with the maintenance of, the moderating of Dr Myhill’s Facebook groups and other ad hoc projects, as well as with the editing and writing of her books.

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