Urban Caveman – Paleo-inspired recipes for the 21st century

Eve Gilmore

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Naturopathic health practitioner Eve Gilmore shares over 300 original recipes, tried and tested by her many clients, that follow Paleo principles and yet satisfy our contemporary cravings for comfort foods and complex flavours – a MUST for anyone seeking to improve their health through diet.

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Evidence for the benefits of eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors is accumulating rapidly, and with it a growing movement of people who want to follow this approach, whether for allergy relief, or weight loss, or to help with a specific health problem. BUT, it is very difficult to do so and lead a mainstream 21st century life. In The Urban Caveman, Eve Gilmore brings the paleo diet into the present day, satisfying our contemporary cravings for comfort foods and complex flavours while maintaining the principles of excluding grains, dairy, sugar and legumes. Different to all other paleo recipe books, you will find out how to make grain-free, low carb breads, creamy desserts and even cheeses, and to replicate favourite foods, like pizza and ice-cream. Eve’s aim is not to replicate the ancestral diet (impossible unless we eat wild animals and principally offal – preferably raw) but to replicate the modern diet and enjoy what modern living has to offer, while maximising nutrition from foods that are right for our caveman genes. Giving up is NOT going without – you can have your cake and eat it! (The book includes over 300 original recipes, tried and tested by the author and her many clients.)

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About the author

Eve Gilmore is a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, homeopath, CST and CEASE Practitioner who has been researching the links between diet and specific health problems for more than 20 years while working in private practice with patients with complex long-term conditions and achieving major successes for them. She is a writer and speaker on health and also runs training courses on natural medicine for health professionals.

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