How to Feel Differently About Food

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As featured in: Women’s Fitness, Spirit & Destiny, Marie Claire, Healthista, The Sun, Candis, Rude Health, The Express and BBC Radio Scotland.

Sally Baker and Liz Hogon, informed by helping thousands of clients achieve a sustained healthy approach to eating, have researched and written How To Feel Differently About Food to break the painful cycle of yo-yo dieting and emotional eating. The book cuts a clear path through the conflicting nutritional information that fills the popular media to reveal the best way to eat for improved health and enhanced mood, boost energy without triggering feelings of hunger and stop wildly fluctuating blood-sugar levels that lead to cravings. They explain how to make informed and appetising food choices and how to implement small but empowering new eating habits from breakfast onwards. Learning new ways of thinking and feeling about food will naturally enable readers to approach food differently. These positive changes are designed to be effortlessly integrated into a busy life with minimum planning and preparation, including how to eat for nourishment, become healthier, lose excess weight if appropriate, and boost mood as well as help to combat anxiety and depression.

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Contents Are you an emotional eater? Why emotional eaters feel differently about food; Readying yourself to embrace change; Empowering steps towards success; Choose a plan; The hunger trap; Establishing new rituals and habits; How food influences your mood: Feed your soul; Your gut is your second brain: The mouth-body connection; Boost your immune system; Feed yourself happy; The joy of movement; Sleep your way to improved health; Food know-how is power; Foods to explore and foods to ignore; How to break your fast; Making better meal choices; Support for the new you; Striving for progress not perfection

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About the Authors

Sally Baker and Liz Hogon began working together in 2003, organising and facilitating ground-breaking workshops on weight loss that explored the complex and multi-layered reasons for emotional over-eating. This experience was the basis for their first book – Achieve Your Natural Weight in 2011.

Sally Baker began her therapeutic training firstly in physical therapies working with women survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She trained in EFT and became an advanced level practitioner, followed by Clinical Hypnotherapy and later added the English modality, Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC). She was awarded PSTEC Master Practitioner status in 2014.

Liz Hogon has been in full-time practice since 2002, now in Melbourne, Australia. As well as hypnotherapy, she trained in EFT and became an advanced level practitioner, and later trained in PSTEC. She was awarded PSTEC Master Practitioner status in 2014. As a weight-loss specialist, she has, over the years helped thousands of men and women successfully clear their often debilitating, long term issues and achieve their natural weight.

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