Living with Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Pernicious Anaemia

Martyn Hooper

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Despite the general assumption that receiving vitamin B12 supplements will end the symptoms of deficiency and pernicious anaemia, this is not the case for many people. Martyn Hooper shows how to manage ongoing symptoms and their impact on work, social life, family and leisure activities.

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Vitamin B-12 deficiency leads to extreme fatigue, loss of concentration and balance, long term damage to the nervous system, and a host of other symptoms, all related to having faulty red-blood cells. Vitamin B-12 is widely available in meat and dairy products, so unless you are a vegan, any deficiency is likely to be the result of your body not being able extract the vitamin from your food – this is what is known as ‘pernicious anaemia’ (anaemia that kills). The treatment is to inject vitamin B- 12 on a regular basis, but while this may stop symptoms getting any worse, for many people the symptoms they already have do not go away. These people have to live with permanent nerve damage and ongoing exhaustion. This book is for those, very many people. It includes: What to expect from treatment; Getting most out of treatment; Lifestyle changes that will help; Case histories – how others cope; ‘I am not making this up’ – how to make family, employers, colleagues and health professionals understand that ‘treatment’ does not mean ‘cure’

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About the author

Martyn Hooper founded the Pernicious Anaemia Society after being forced to give up full time work as a lecturer in Further Education owing to the long term effects of undiagnosed pernicious anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. He now runs the Society full time, and campaigns for improvements in diagnosis and treatment of these conditions.

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