No Pills, No Needles

Dr Eugene Kongnyuy

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When he was diagnosed with both high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, Dr Kongnyuy was initially shocked and depressed at the life-sentence of ill health, medication and restricted lifestyle he felt he’d been handed. But with the support of his family and friends and his knowledge of medical science, he brought his research training to bear on the problem – if these are lifestyle conditions then can changes in lifestyle reverse them? Conducting a series of over 100 experiments on himself that involved changes in diet and lifestyle over several years, he identified what did and did not work for him. Both his method for finding what suits us individually – the 3Ts: Try, Track, Tell – and his findings as to what returned him to health, will provide invaluable guidance to all those seeking to reverse type 2 diabetes and hypertension. He also looks at all the factors that can hold you back or motivate you to change, and as someone who ‘hated exercise’ but now jogs or runs for at least an hour everyday he provides great inspiration even for the very unfit. Try, Track and Tell for yourself, with reference to the principles of good health Dr Kongnyuy – an experienced health educator – describes, and discover how to reverse your own chronic health problems.

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Introduction; Trial and error; Sick fat disease; Your diet; Overweight and obesity; Intermittent fasting; Type 2 diabetes; High blood pressure; Exercise; Alcohol; Smoking; Stress; Track and tell; Changing your lifestyle; Healthy living environment; Glossary of terms

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About the Author

Dr Eugene Kongnyuy is a physician, researcher, educator and diplomat. He was born in Cameroon. After obtaining his medical degree, he moved to the United Kingdom for further studies. There he became a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and a global health expert with a PhD from Staffordshire University, UK. He was Clinical Lecturer in Sexual and Reproductive Health in the University of Liverpool before joining the United Nations. He has served with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) since 2009 in several senior positions across many countries. He is known for his research and work in the area of women’s health, particularly in relation to high blood pressure during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, obesity and oestrogen replacement therapy during menopause. He is also known for his ability to simplify complex concepts and connect with an audience through storytelling.

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