The Getting of Resilience From the Inside Out

Sally Baker

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To combat physical nasties we need a strong immune system. To combat negative life events we need resilience. Here award-winning therapist Sally Baker gives us a practical guide to developing a wider understanding of resilience and to fostering it so that we have the essential perseverance and drive to emerge successfully when confronted with life’s inevitable and often unexpected challenges. Sally explores some of the key family dynamics that can result in unhelpful ways of thinking about oneself which may undermine the natural development of resilience and in its place impose a cycle of self-sabotaging behaviour. Coping strategies such as heightened anxiety, non-confrontational behaviour, people-pleasing habits, along with ‘adult failure to thrive’, are just a few of the learnt strategies often originally forged out of powerlessness in response to less than ideal early life experiences. These strategies however can be re-assessed and the misplaced guilt, shame and self-blame that have affixed these behaviours, often for many years, can be resolved and released, making way for the getting of resilience from the inside out.

Based on extensive experience and case studies from Sally Baker’s own therapy practice, working with many clients over the years, this book provides gentle, perceptive insight along with tried and tested self-help therapeutic tools, free additional online resources and the expert guidance needed to take the reader through the stages from negativity to self-empowerment.

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Introduction – What is Resilience?  The family and other players; You and your brain’s stress response; Bad things happen; The stories you tell yourself; Learnt strategies; Awareness first – Breaking the cycle; Connect to your intuition; Cultivate rituals; Therapy tools for the Getting of Resilience: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Introduction and instructions; Resolving unhelpful thinking styles – PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) Introduction and instructions: Letting go of limiting beliefs – Hypnotherapy Introduction and instructions; Supporting positive change; Building intuition; Going forward into thriving; Further Reading; links to Free online resources.

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About the Author

Sally Baker began her therapeutic training firstly in physical therapies working with women survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She trained in EFT and became an advanced level practitioner, followed by Clinical Hypnotherapy and later added the English modality, Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC). She was awarded PSTEC Master Practitioner status in 2014. She is the co-author, with Liz Hogon, of Seven Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating and How to Feel Differently About Food.

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