Trick and Treat

Barry Groves

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Health researcher Barry Grove's classic, still controversial, magnum opus, bringing years of investigation to bear on the true consequences of low-fat/high carb eating

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Health Researcher Barry Groves was way ahead of his time when he adopted a low carb lifestyle in the 1960s and subsequently made this his full time research field until his death in 2012. While it is now quite fashionable to recommend eating more fats, Barry was a lone voice for many years and Trick and Treat is the book in which he brought together all his findings, backed by his years of research. In this classic, still controversial, evidence-based account of how and why the health-care establishment has got the concept of ‘healthy eating’ so wrong, Barry shows us how to take charge of our own health and lives, in contravention of what the health-care industry would have us believe and do.

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About the author

Barry Groves, who lived with his wife, Monica in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, could rightfully claim to have been Britain’s leading exponent of the low-carb way of life as he lived, researched, lectured and wrote about it for well over 40 years. He and Monica were overweight from 1957 to 1962, when he discovered the low-carb regime for weight loss. This started his questioning of conventional diets. As a consequence he took up full-time research into the relationship between diet and ‘diseases of civilisation’ such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. As a result of his researches, he realised that the perceived wisdoms, both of low-calorie dieting for weight loss and ‘healthy eating’ for the control of heart disease, were seriously flawed. An award winning international author with a doctorate in nutritional science, Barry wrote both popular and more technical books which have been published in countries as far apart as Argentina and Russia, as well as all English-speaking countries.

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