What’s Up With Your Bladder?

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Publication Date: 22nd February 2018

Approximately 14 million people in the UK live with some form of bladder complaint. This equates to over one in five people, so even if you don’t personally experience the embarrassing and intrusive symptoms of bladder dysfunction, it is likely that you know someone who does. Bladder dysfunction does not discriminate as these problems affect all ages and genders. Despite the fact that these health issues are very common, it can be difficult to discuss them with family, friends and even a doctor. Many people suffer needlessly in silence even though there is now a wide range of investigations and treatments that can lead to effective and long-lasting symptom relief. This book guides you through the different conditions associated with bladder dysfunction, how you can help yourself, what to expect if you need to undergo investigations and the numerous evidence-based treatments that are available – both mainstream and complementary – so that you will no longer need to feel reluctant to broach the subject with your GP – meaning you can find your way back to good health.

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You are not alone – bladder problems are common; Interconnected neighbours – the bladder and bowel; What are bladder problems; Bladder investigations – what to expect; Changing patterns – behavioural bladder treatments; Food and drink; Medical interventions and drugs; Last resort – surgery for bladder dysfunction; Other ways to find relief; Additional advice on coping

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About the Author

Dr Megan Arroll is a chartered psychologist, health writer and coach and a member of the Health and Illness Research Team (HIRT), a group that works to better understand bladder dysfunction and other invisible long-term conditions. She has also experienced bladder issues herself and writes with personal insight into the condition.

Professor Christine Dancey is Professor Emeritus of Chronic Illness Research at the University of East London (UEL). As a researcher into invisible long-term conditions and a sufferer from bladder problems herself, she has a unique insight into what people with this issue and their families and friends want and need to know.

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