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Type-2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a lifelong condition; for many people, especially those who have been recently diagnosed, it’s possible to reverse the symptoms of this malignant disease.  But how can that be done? In 2017 the author, inspired by results obtained from research done at Newcastle University, UK, decided to try and kick the disease by following a carefully structured, low-carb, whole-food diet and starting a modest exercise regime. Conquer Type 2 Diabetes describes what he did to lose 31 kilos and all his diabetes signs (high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) and symptoms. It explains how he managed carbs, calories, sugars and weight loss, plus the light exercise regime he adopted to strengthen his chances. In so doing he answers the question so many people have been asking him – what did you do to shed an illness that affects more than 400 million people worldwide and is conventionally regarded as incurable and progressive? The book includes the author’s meal and exercise plan and 40 mouth-watering low-carb recipes to ensure eating can remain a pleasure and something to look forward to while reversing type 2.

To read more about Richard Shaw’s book, go to his website here.

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The ‘forever’ myth;  the doughnut moment; the diagnosis; the numbers; the plan: preparation – week zero; a food diary; weight target; water; carbohydrates; natural fats; calories; portion control; sugar, spice, salt and sauces; alcohol; exercise; other people; clothes; after week 16; simple eating plan; the Recipes: starters, soups, snacks and salads (22); main courses (18).

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Richard Shaw works in public engagement, marketing and communications in the arts (currently a Director of the British Film Institute) and is a former factual television producer. He was trained at one of London’s leading cookery schools, he has produced food programmes for TV in the UK and the USA and has appeared on Masterchef. When he decided to do something about his own type-2 diagnosis he was a 54-year old, sedentary, fat man within five years of his diagnosis and he weighed over 117 kg (260 lb). Today – more than a year on – he weighs 86 kg (190 lb) and is diabetes-free.

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