Green Mother

Dr Sarah Myhill, Michelle McCullagh

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Say the authors: ‘Modern Western life is eroding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our children so seriously that the very survival of our species is threatened. More children than ever are fat and fatigued, learning disabled and emotionally damaged and the responsibility lies with us. We are killing with kindness in an attempt to provide a stress-free, safe environment for our most loved. Green Mother is for those who want the best of both worlds – to reap the advantages of modern Western life but recognise and eschew its pitfalls. This book aims to give parents, would-be parents, grandparents, siblings and all members of ‘the Tribe’ that surround a new baby, the theoretical and intellectual imperatives to tread this difficult path, together with the practical day-to-day realities that must be overcome and the encouragement to do so.’ Beautifully illustrated with Michelle’s sketches and case histories, this is a no-nonsense guide to pregnancy and child rearing like no other.

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Introduction – getting the best from past and present; Mothers and fathers – what to do preconception to reduce risks; the Paleo-Ketogenic (PK) diet – the non-negotiable foundation for success; Normal pregnancy – avoiding complications; Childbirth and immediate postpartum – being informed and involved in decision-making; Breastfeeding and weaning; Sleep; The baby who cries; The immune system – the ‘first brain’, vaccination decisions, training the immune system; Minor childhood ailments; Serious avoidable childhood problems; The ‘second brain’ – emotional confidence; The ‘third brain’ – sub-conscious, conscious and intellectual; Infertility and assisted conception; Appendices: Groundhog Basic, Groundhog Acute; Groundhog Chronic, PK recipes, Detox reactions.

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About the Author

Dr Myhill MB MS worked in the National Health Service from 1981 to 2000, since when she has been an independent doctor and since 2020 a Naturopathic Physician, giving her the freedom of speech she previously found she lacked. Her specialty has become the successful treatment of ME/chronic fatigue through diet, nutritional support and lifestyle changes. Dr Myhill is a noted expert on vitamin C and other natural virus killers, and an advocate of micro-immunotherapy – a treatment designed to coordinate the body’s own immune system communication and actions. She is the author of seven previous books: Ecological Medicine; The Infection Game; The PK Cookbook; Prevent & Cure Diabetes; Sustainable Medicine; The Treatment and Diagnosis of CFS/ME (now in its second edition), and most recently, The Energy Equation.
Michelle McCullagh is a successful artist and Green Mother of two toddlers living and working in Dorset. She has a fascination with the movement of animals which is explored in her paintings of light:
…and the Editor
Craig Robinson, a former Chartered Accountant, first met Sarah in 2001, as a patient for the treatment of his CFS/ME, and since then they have worked together on five books and the doctormyhill website.

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