Managing IBD: A Balanced Guide to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the term that includes Crohn’s disease (which can affect any part of the gut) and ulcerative colitis (which affects the colon and rectum) – two chronic auto-immune conditions that cause gut pain, weight loss, whole-body symptoms and poor digestion leading to nutritional deficiencies. Both are on the rise in the developed world and are newly affecting developing economies such as China (where the author was actually diagnosed). The link with the standard Western lifestyle is evident, yet what elements of that lifestyle can be modified to make a difference? And how can sufferers live with symptoms and ‘flare ups’ that do not respond to treatment and/or lifestyle changes? What is the real-life experience of IBD and what can be done to take back control?

Jenna Farmer offers an holistic and positive guide to living with IBD, combining conventional, nutritional, stress reduction and other lifestyle approaches, drawing on her blogs, ebooks and website Throughout, the book is ‘illustrated’ with case histories from Jenna’s blog and other contacts, and from her own experience of delayed diagnosis and listening to her symptoms.

Jenna is donating part of her royalties to UK IBD research charity,

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What is IBD really? Diet for IBD – principles, eating plan, exclusion diet, foods to avoid; Relaxation and stress reduction strategies; Becoming your own health advocate; Questions to ask doctors and other health professionals; Treatment options – conventional and complementary and what to expect; Juicing; Yoga and other exercise; Living with uncertainty


A donation will be made to of 50p for every copy sold via the Hammersmith Books website.

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About the Author

Jenna Farmer BA, IICT Diploma, TNP Accreditation – Teacher, health blogger and nutritional therapist Since being diagnosed with IBD, Jenna has dedicated most of her non-teaching time to studying nutrition and learning about natural approaches to the disease. She has established a community for Healthy Living with IBD and blogs regularly about issues such as medication, body confidence and different diets. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist she can offer advice on eating plans to improve gut health.

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