The Plant-Based Dietitian’s Guide to FERTILITY

Lisa Simon RD

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A guide to optimising male and female fertility via a whole food plant-based diet and lifestyle interventions, drawing on the growing evidence that animal products and trans fats can have a detrimental impact on fertility and supporting the beneficial effects of plant-based eating. The role of macro- and micro-nutrients, the nutrients and fibre found only in whole plants, and the importance of tackling sleep and stress issues are explained together with guidance on how to harness the latest knowledge. Lisa Simon draws on her personal experience of overcoming fertility issues with a plant-based diet and on her professional work with many clients seeking a healthy and successful pregnancy.

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Introduction; What is the preconception period; What can reduce your chances of conceiving: animal protein, haem iron, saturated/trans fats, AGEs, fish-related pollutants; Macronutrients: carbs, fibre, protein, fat; Micronutrients: iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin E; Plant chemicals (phytonutrients); PCOS; Sleep; Stress; Avoiding risky substances: BPA, cleaning products, caffeine, alcohol, environmental; Supporting each other; Fertility recipes


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About the Author

Lisa Simon RD, is a specialist Dietitian, graduating with first class honours in 2014 from Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has seven years clinical experience working in the NHS, providing care to patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She began her career working in Morriston Hospital in Swansea, seeing patients with a wide range of clinical conditions, before taking up a rotational post at the University Hospital of Wales, where she worked in neurology, cardiology and respiratory medicine. She then took up a specialist post in critical care in the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, before specialising in gastroenterology in 2016. Lisa left her post at the end of 2019 to set up her own freelance business; however, she continues to run weekly gastroenterology clinics virtually for the NHS. She now works at Plant Based Health Online and her special areas of interest are plant-based diets, gastrointestinal conditions, and male and female fertility.

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