The Power of Colors 2nd Edition

Noah Goldhirsh

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A path to self-healing and personal transformation through Native American ancient wisdom. Noah Goldhirsh shares the meaning of colors that surround us and how they affect us physically, psychologically and emotionally, showing how we can use their power to understand our strengths and how to maximize these to realize our full potential. With the help of the Wheel of Colors, drawn from Native American culture, she shows us how to discover which colors are best for us and how to use them to overcome our greatest challenges. For this second edition she has included new illustrations and information in response to reader feedback, including diagnosis based on the reflection of the human body in the palms of the hands.

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Colors in daily life; The Native American Wheel of Colors – meanings of colors one to twelve; Color related to life and seasonal cycles; Colors in healing; Drawing palms and what this tells us; Drawing the ‘man and the tree’ and what this tells us; Candles and colors; Protection through color; Healing bracelets and soul and color cards.


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About the Author

Noah Goldhirsh has been a therapist, senior lecturer and developer of Healing methods in Alternative Medicine for over 33 years. She began to study and practise Alternative Medicine as a young woman combining several methods of healing: Colour Therapy, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedy, Native American medicine, Channeling and Feng Shui, among others. She lives and practises in Israel, but has clients worldwide who benefit from her unique mix of skills and insights. She has written five books that have been published in a variety of languages, including Hebrew and English. These include The Power of Animal Messages (2E) and The Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children, all three books to be published simultaneously by Hammersmith Health Books.

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