Preparing for Birth: colouring your pregnancy journey

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Author and midwife Bridget Sheeran is interviewed by Woman’s Hour (BBCR4) (32 mins). Her book is also featured in Mother & Baby, Mums Magazine (p26), Yoga Magazine and BBC Radio Scotland.

‘Use my colouring book as you might use your partnership with your midwife – being there with you in the moment, guiding you gently to explore your birth, but at the same time linking you with all the pregnant women who have birthed before.’ Bridget Sheeran

As an experienced community midwife and teacher, Bridget Sheeran knows that pregnancy should be a time for vital physical and mental preparation. The body and mind do much of this automatically but there are many ways to support this process, and to resist the day-to-day stresses that can hinder it. Through detailed images for colouring-in, Bridget invites pregnant women to allow their natural curiosity about birth to lead them to discover how they can help themselves through the process of birth. As women relate to their interpretation of the illustrations, this book can powerfully:

* Allow women in their own time to focus on their needs in pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother

* Motivate mothers-to-be to prepare for birth and the responsibility of caring for a newborn

* Enable personal well-being through relieving stress via the ‘right brain’ activity of colouring-in

* Motivate women to evaluate their personal resources and find the support structures they will need to do the most important job in the world: give birth and nurture their baby.

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Introduction – how this book can help in preparation for childbirth

28 detailed, double-page line drawings for colouring-in, related to the theme of preparing for childbirth

Key to the images in the book – why Bridget has chosen these and what colouring them in may help mothers-to-be to achieve

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About the Author

Bridget Sheeran SRN, RM, MSc , LCH, MCH has a background in nursing and midwifery in hospitals and the community. She has four sons, three of them born at home, and one waterbirth. She has been an Independent midwife in London, Dublin, Wicklow and Cork. She has an MSc in Midwifery from Trinity College and founded the Community Midwives Association in Ireland. Bridget pioneered the successful BabyTalk in West Cork, currently in its 17th year. She teaches her Birth Know How Doula course in Ireland and the UK.

About the illustrator

Olwyn Jennings is an artist and student of Early Years and Childhood Studies at University College Cork who has skilfully created beautiful, detailed drawings from Bridget’s concepts and sketches.

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