What’s Up With Your Gut?

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Do you get bloating when you eat pasta? Is your social life restricted by uncertainty about your bowels? Is your ability to work affected? This book will help you find out what your underlying gut problem is and understand how to make things better. With 80% of our immune system in our gut, sorting out digestive problems is essential for good health. What’s Up With Your Gut? takes a practical look at the full range of gut problems, using a symptom-led approach so that sufferers can recognise what may have been troubling them for years and find solutions. It then describes the range of solutions, both standard and alternative, emphasising the importance of what is eaten/food intolerances and the impact of poor digestion on overall health. Whether you suffer cramping diarrhoea when you are stressed out , get constipated when you’re on holiday or just feel fatigued by your grumbling guts, they show what the options are for diagnosis, symptom improvement and tackling the underlying causes.

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Introduction – what’s causing your gut symptoms? Irritable bowel syndrome – causes, symptoms and treatments; Bloating and diarrhoea – is gluten causing your gut problems? Watery diarrhoea – could you have bile acid diarrhoea? Bloating and bacterial overgrowth; Food allergies and sensitivities; Could FODMAPs be causing your bloating and diarrhoea? Inflammatory bowel diseases; Gallstones, hiatus hernias and diverticula disease; Cancer; Drug side effects – drugs that can cause gastric side effects; Medical terms explained

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About the Authors

Jo Waters is an independent health writer for The Mail, Good Health and many consumer magazines. She is also a digital content consultant and the author of several books. The massive response to her blog post ‘Do you bloat after you eat bread or pasta? You may want to read this…..’ in 2013 inspired her to write comprehensively about the often hidden and ‘embarrassing’ problem of poor gut health.

Professor Julian Walters is Professor of Gastroenterology at Imperial College, London, and Hammersmith Hospital. His principal interests are the molecular and cellular function of the small intestine, especially nutrient transport and the effects of inflammatory diseases on intestinal absorption and the changes in gene expression during active disease and the repair process.

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