Nature Cures

N H Hawes

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A compendium of foods and their health-giving-properties, hazards to health and how to counteract them naturally, and how the systems of the body can be supported with certain foods, based on over 10 years’ research and study.

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Nat Hawes has spent more than 10 years researching and compiling this fascinating compendium of foods and their health-giving-properties. Her sources range from a lifetime of experience travelling abroad to research via libraries and university websites and include a vast range of scientific papers which she has analysed and summarised in everyday language. She reviews both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions and the healing properties of the full spectrum of natural (as opposed to processed) foods and drinks. The book complements and is supported by Nat’s internationally popular website, which has been re-launched for the publication of Nature Cures and has received nearly three million hits, and counting.

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About the author

Nat Hawes holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and is a Researcher in Nutrition and Health. Her knowledge of natural remedies has built over many years, beginning on a traditional English farm in her childhood and developing during extensive travels internationally, where she learned about traditional medicines and diets. Researching her own father’s pharmaceutical-induced health problems led to her systematic study of the area and her decision to share her knowledge in order to promote awareness of the power of natural healthy foods. This sharing began with, to which she has progressively added foods, ailments, medicines, nutrients and dangers while it continues to grow in international popularity and has already surpassed one million hits.

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