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Words from Lynn Crilly on Hope with Depression

This month is all about National Grief Awareness, and we understand that the holiday season can be tough. To spread some love and awareness, we’re giving away Lynn Crilly’s ‘Hope with Depression’, a fantastically practical book to help those suffering with depression.

We asked Lynn to provide a few words on her book:

“Christmas for some is magical while for others can fill them with dread and fear.

In this fast, technology fuelled world we are all constantly bombarded with images of big happy Christmas filled with lots of food, family get togethers, presents and everyone living their ‘perfect ‘life, which can leave you feeling inadequate and unable to cope with the extra stresses Christmas can bring.

This of course is without the individual persons own reason for not looking forward to the Christmas period. Whether it be losing a loved one, mental or physical illness in the family, loss of income, loneliness, or something else. All of which can add to feeling low, unmotivated, and worthless, which in time could lead to depression.

Having suffered with Depression myself, I found writing Hope with Depression the most challenging of all to write, I wanted to speak from both personal and professional experience in a much needed positive, practical way, with real people sharing real experiences and advice.

I was keen to show that depression like all mental illnesses does not discriminate and can affect anyone regardless of their social background, sex, ethnicity, race or age.  Hope with Depression explains the many guises of depression, how to spot them and the possible causes and drivers and gives a balanced guide to available treatments – both mainstream and alternative. It is a practical, supportive guide for anyone with depression or supporting a loved one, teacher workplace colleague or friend. It recognises that each person’s illness and recovery will be different, and having detailed knowledge and a full toolkit of treatment options is the way to empower everyone with Hope for recovery.”

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