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Happy New Year from Hammersmith Health Books

Looking forward to 2024

All the signs are that the world is increasingly troubled by conflict and there is little hope of quick resolution. Conflict, strife and stress are, we know, risks for our short- and long-term mental and physical health and the statistics on the increasing prevalence of chronic health conditions worldwide bear this out. Mental health problems are now the commonest reason people in the 25-40 age bracket in the UK are not able to work. As ever, HHB seeks to help its readers take charge of their own health by understanding the root causes of disease and improving their diet, lifestyle and stress levels where this is possible. Of course, a general book can never be a substitute for seeking individual advice from a health professional and a diagnosis can often turn out to be something you never even thought of, but we hope our books, backed up as they are by longstanding and cutting-edge evidence, will give you a good basis for improving your health and wellbeing in 2024.

We begin the year with Dodging Dementia by Mary Jordan, which includes a chapter on pharmaceutical issues contributed by author of Curing the Incurable, Dr Jerry Thompson. Mary reviews past and current research about the risks for developing dementia – those factors we can influence, such as diet and exercise, and those factors we cannot but must take into account, such as genetics and past trauma. She then shows how we can apply these general findings to our personal situation and consider what we can do as individuals to improve our chances of staying cognitively well. Her emphasis is on what is practical and worthwhile rather than being a counsel of perfection!

For February, we are very excited to announce the third edition of Dr Sarah Myhill’s bestselling Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalitis and Long Covid: It’s mitochondria, not hypochondria. Sarah, now with regular co-author Craig Robinson, has gone right back to basics, re-writing her best known book on a need-to-know basis that ensures fatigued readers are not overwhelmed with detail yet have all the information they need to restore their energy levels. This can be a long journey – there are no short cuts – but, as Sarah says, the measures she describes are also those that will support long-term good health across the board.

March sees the launch of therapist Sally Baker’s long-awaited The Getting of Resilience from Inside Out. Based on her work with thousands of clients, Sally brings the good news that resilience is something we can acquire no matter how bad our life experiences have been. She gives us the tools to achieve this, backed up with case histories and tried-and-tested practical exercises.

Resilience is something we will all be needing more of as 2024 unfolds. Look out for our special offers and regular giveaways by signing up for our newsletter and/or following us on social media. Our regular blog posts will also, we very much hope, prove useful in the coming months.

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