COPD: Innovative Breathing Techniques

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The underlying causes of COPD are many-fold. Breathlessness can creep up on any of us, often at the same time as other health complaints that appear to be totally unconnected. The Brice Method teaches us how to listen to our body and uses simple corrective exercises to help us address the habitual imbalances that develop as a result of relative inactivity and poor health. It is an innovative approach to helping COPD patients overcome breathlessness, and the exercises challenge the status quo of standard teaching practice for COPD patients.

The Method uses a simple step-by-step approach to re-learning how to breathe naturally, with ease and without having to work hard. The exercises are simple to do and easy to learn so that they can help breathlessness/COPD sufferers develop a new, relaxed breathing pattern. They have been developed with the experience and feedback of COPD patients over more than 9 years. Results over a 12-month period show 97.7% of 302 of the author’s patients have reported an improvement in their quality of breath after just their first session. The average improvement in self-reported breathlessness is scored at over 64%. For the patients this dramatic change is usually surprising, and often astounding. Paul Brice has written this book to help answer one question that many of his COPD patients ask: ‘Why haven’t I been shown this before?’

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How to use this book; Important safety advice; Managing pain; Keeping track of your progress; Knowing your body; When breathing goes wrong; Postural self-awareness; Learning to de-slump; Relaxed breathing techniques; Upper body mobilisation and breathing; Synchronising lower body movements and breathing; Breathing on the move; Increasing effort and developing strength; Transferring your skills to everyday life; Results and patient feedback; Equipment and further advice

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About the Author

Paul Brice is a Sports Scientist and Clinical Exercise Specialist, and has been working in the field of Exercise Rehabilitation for more than 20 years. A former international athlete, with a Joint Honours BSc in Sports Science and Biology, Paul has worked in the health and the fitness sectors since 1987. He worked as a physical activity lead for the Great Yarmouth and Waveney PCT for 7 years, promoting physical activity to improve health.
With business partner Spencer McCormack, Paul helped set up the first commercial health club to be based within an NHS Hospital in the UK, and has worked for the NHS on a number of pilot schemes using physical activity in conjunction with conventional NHS treatment to help improve health outcomes.

Since 2009 Paul has been working alongside the award-winning Respiratory Nursing Team, at the James Paget University Hospital, Great Yarmouth. (They won the Association of Respiratory Nurses, Nursing Team of the year 2016.) Paul is one of the innovators of the BEET (Breathing, Exercise, Education, Training) programme. BEET is a community gym-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme that has had over two and a half thousand patients referred to it over the last 9 years.

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