Could it be Insulin Resistance?

Hanna Purdy

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Do you have high cholesterol? And/or high blood pressure? Gallbladder problems? Perhaps a diagnosis of fatty liver? Are you tired all the time? Do you crave sweet snacks? Are your hormones in turmoil? Do you have a bit too much fat around your middle? Your doctor may have tested you for type 2 diabetes and found this is not a problem… yet. But you almost certainly already have its precursor – insulin resistance. Nurse Practitioner Hanna Purdy shares her long experience in Public Health Nursing, as well as with improving her own family’s health, to present this practical, evidence-based guide to what ‘insulin resistance’ means, what causes it and what to do about it, including how to start a ketogenic/low-carb diet, with the emphasis on the quality of food eaten and the impact good food can have on the body and mind. As she shows, insulin resistance is caused by chronic, sub-clinical inflammation and lies behind many common chronic illnesses that are now reaching epidemic levels even in children. Find out how to reverse it with an inflammation-reducing diet and other lifestyle changes, in an easy, sustainable way that is compatible with busy family life. And if you think insulin resistance is not your problem, are you really sure…?

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What is insulin resistance? What causes insulin resistance? How do I know if I have insulin resistance? What are the consequences of insulin resistance? How can I reverse insulin resistance? Special considerations (pregnancy, childhood, menopause; problems with low-carb eating); How can I eat to reverse insulin resistance? Low-carb, real food recipes: 5 soups; 9 lunches; 20 dinners; Appendix: Low, medium and high carb foods. The Evidence: References; Additional sources

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About the Author

Hanna Purdy is a Nurse Practitioner with specialisms in Public Health Nursing and Occupational Health nursing, currently working as an Urgent care nurse in Cornwall, UK. Even in Urgent care she finds daily evidence of the effects of insulin resistance and advises patients on lifestyle changes to reverse it and the symptoms they are so often suffering. Originally from Finland, her earlier books include Sokerit Pois (‘Ditch the Sugars’) in 2015 (under her maiden name Hanna Jantti) and Ravitseva Ruokavalio Vauvasta Vaariin (‘The Nutritional Diet for Life, from babies to the elderly’) with Anja Jantti in 2014. She is the mother of three happy, almost completely sugar-free teenagers who know all about, understand and live Hanna’s approach to healthy eating. Her goal is to empower us all to recognise and overcome insulin resistance ourselves before it does us irreversible long-term damage.

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