The Scoliosis Handbook

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Scoliosis – curvature of the spine in an S shaped form that twists and curves to one side – can affect a person at any age but tends to be diagnosed in rapidly growing teenagers.  According to published sources, 4 in every 1000 children in UK and Ireland need treatment for scoliosis; many more have the condition and do not need or seek treatment but can be helped by exercise to strengthen the muscles and in turn reduce pain.  However, understanding of what exercise is safe and effective with a curved and/or fused spine after surgery is very limited.  Specialist exercise trainer and expert scoliosis patient Caroline Freedman provides a practical, illustrated guide for those who are able to use exercise to alleviate the pain of their scoliosis curves, and for those who need a more radical solution – surgery – and must modify how they exercise pre and post operatively.  Patients, their families and movement professionals will find practical, safe, tailored guidance based on specific, long-term experience.

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My scoliosis journey; How I became a personal trainer; Importance of body alignment (John Rutherford); Scoliosis terminology; Getting started;  Before scoliosis surgery; After scoliosis surgery – Don’ts and Dos: Floorwork, Body balance, Gym equipment, Free weights, Resistance exercise bands, TRX training, Stretching; Pregnancy and scoliosis; Tips

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About the Author

Caroline Freedman is a highly experienced personal trainer who has been working in the industry for more than 23 years. Her qualifications include certificates from YMCAfit training, exercise nutrition and CA children’s training. Her interest in scoliosis stems from both her own experience of the condition, having had three corrective scoliosis surgeries, and the wide practical expertise she has gained from training clients both before and after surgery. Following this she encountered a gap in knowledge and confidence among movement professionals, including physiotherapists and personal trainers, regarding safe and effective exercise for scoliosis patients. Caroline was invited to write guidelines for exercising with scoliosis by Liz Bord, the senior cardiac rehabilitation exercise specialist at Aspire Gym, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. This led to her writing this book

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