Dodging Dementia: Understanding MCI and other risk factors (2nd Edition of The Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia)

Dr Jerry Thompson, Mary Jordan

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If you have concerns about you or a loved one developing dementia, Mary Jordan guides you through how to assess your personal risk and the many things you can do to mitigate that risk based on the latest evidence. Whether you have a close relative with dementia, a history of high-risk factors for this condition, or a diagnosis of MCI (mild cognitive impairment) you may be concerned to know how personally ‘at risk’ you or a loved one is, and what you can do to ‘dodge’ what is definitely not inevitable. In this second edition of her highly regarded Essential Guide to Avoiding Dementia, Mary Jordan guides readers through the many factors associated with developing dementia and the science behind our current understanding, including: diet, exercise, trauma, pharmaceuticals (contributed by Dr Jerry Thompson), genetics, social isolation, sleep, neurological deficits such as hearing loss, insulin resistance and diabetes type 2. Based on her professional and personal experience, Mary offers a programme from which the individual reader can choose what works for them and their individual risks and circumstances with the emphasis on what is practically rather than theoretically possible.

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Part I: What we know about the risk factors: Age, personality, social factors; Trauma, physical and mental; Miscellaneous factors; Drugs and medication (to be contributed by Dr J Thompson); Nutritional factors; Part II: Assessing personal risk factors: Past history; Physical status; Lifestyle; Current status; Part III: What you can do: Nutrition; Exercise; Confounding factors to avoid; Sleep, stress and social life; Planning ahead; Resources


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About the Author

Mary Jordan is a director and founder of Adapt Dementia Ltd formed to help people find a better way to live with dementia. She has specific first-hand experience of dementia through her work for Alzheimer’s Society, a UK dementia charity. She also has many years of experience working for the National Health Service and in the field of medical publishing. Mary qualified to deliver the Alzheimer’s Society CrisP programme which specifically caters for family carers and is QCF assessor in vocational achievement for Dementia. Mary’s ability to use her first-hand experience to illuminate points in the training make her an inspirational and motivating trainer. Her specialist area is delivering Cognitive Stimulation Therapy to those in early stage dementia. Mary is also known for her books The Essential Carer’s Guide, The Essential Carer’s Guide to Dementia and Coping with Mild Cognitive Impairment as well as The ‘D’ Word co-authored with Psychiatrist Dr Noel Collins. Mary co-authored the award-winning: End of Life, The Essential Guide to Caring with Judy Carole.

Dr Jerry Thompson has been working as a doctor for over four decades, mostly in general practice. He now works part-time in general practice in the East Midlands. He has been a long-standing member of the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM), is a member of the committee and has given regular talks for the society. In the last two decades he has been fascinated by people who have recovered from major illnesses, against the odds, often using methods poorly understood by conventional medicine but applying basic principles of good health and this is the basis for his book Curing the Incurable: Beyond the limits of medicine. He has a special interest in toxicity and was the co-author of The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators published by BSEM. He has also written many patient leaflets on common conditions which are available on his website

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