The Fatigue Book

Lydia Rolley

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A practical, attractively illustrated guide to managing chronic fatigue in order to enable recovery at a pace that works for the individual. It outlines proven fatigue management tips and is suitable for people of all ages affected by either long COVID or CFS/ME, and for their family and friends. Whether someone is at the start of their recovery journey or has been doing this for some time, there is clear, practical advice based on a self-management approach that applies the principles of Pacing and Activity Management (but NOT Graded Exercise), as recommended by the new NICE guidelines for both conditions. Drawing on her unique joint training in occupational therapy and psychotherapy and long professional experience in an NHS Fatigue Clinic, Lydia Rolley provides an approach that recognises physical, mental and emotional/spiritual needs suited to the individual. Each chapter includes a range of Tips from which to choose plus Food for thought, Pause and Mind, body and soul. Essential text is highlighted so that the severely fatigued can focus purely on that in the early stages of recovery.

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Your story; Fatigue; Sleep; Mindset – motivation; Energy; Pacing and activity management; Mindset – anxiety; Community and relationships; Mindset – mood; Additional help; Maintaining progress – your future; References; Appendices



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About the Author

Lydia Rolley DipCOT, MSc, is a just-retired occupational therapist and family therapist/systemic psychotherapist, who worked for the last 15 years of her NHS career in fatigue management, in a regional specialist service for CFS/ME that is now seeing an epidemic of cases of long COVID. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team collaboratively with patients and their families, she has identified ways to co-create clarity, reflection, solutions and directions to move sufferers forward in small steps to their desired outcomes. Drawing on her own spirituality (she is an active Christian), she recognises all aspects of the whole person – body, mind and spirit – as being essential to achieving recovery.

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