The Gallstone-friendly Diet

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In the UK in 2012 an estimated 60,000 people had their gallbladder removed because of gallstones and over 2010-2012 the figure for Ireland was nearly 20,000. This number has been increasing year on year into a virtual epidemic, almost certainly related to contemporary high sugar/fructose diets. But it is fats that bring on gallstone symptoms – ‘gallbladder colic’, said to be one of the most acutely painful experiences we can have. While seeking treatment for gallstones, the only way to avoid this pain is to follow a no-fat or very low-fat diet so that the gallbladder is not stimulated into action. But how to change the habits of a life time? Juliet Sullivan has been on that journey and shares what she has learned along the way (now in an expanded second edition), including what worked for her and the recipes she developed that saw her through to surgery and beyond. With star ratings for fat levels, her guidance is quick and easy to follow and provides low-fat alternatives of family favourites – from a roast dinner to spag bol – so sufferers can eat with family and friends and not feel excluded on account of their medical problem.

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Part I: My gallstone journey and everything I learned on the way: My gallstone journey; Almost everything you never wanted to know about gallstones: what is the gallbladder; what are gallstones; options for treatment; why you may need a gallstone-friendly diet; exercise; food; Part II: Gallstone-friendly recipes – Breatfast; Lunch; Dinner; Side dishes; Desserts; Snacks; Beverages; Living without a gallbladder – recipes and tips; Recommended reading

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JULIET SULLIVAN is a recent and initially reluctant ‘expert’ on living with gallstones and then living without a gallbladder. In the past she has been a journalist, bar owner, real estate agent, rock dealer, dog walker and professional gambler – and wife, mother and gallstone patient – while living partly in England and partly in Canada simultaneously. As she says, she is a fast learner! Her other books include a more general cookery book – The Best of British Cookery – and All Shook Up, the account of Suzie Derrett’s battle with cancer. She self-published the first edition of The Gallstone-friendly Diet in 2018 and it has since been expanded, with additional recipes and related advice. To find out more please visit: and read her popular blog which was originally published in a Canadian newspaper over several years as The Diary of an Immigrant and is now published as The X-Pat Files –

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