Grow Your Own Health Garden

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‘Let food be your medicine…’

The Nature Cures Pocketbooks expand on popular topics in the encyclopaedic, 1300-page Nature Cures: The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods, including specific foods and food groups, health problems, ailments and symptoms. (The series complements and is supported by the author’s internationally popular website, which has already received over 2,500,000 hits.)

The best way to ensure you and your family consume only organic, untainted and nutrient-rich foods is to grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables. This can be done in the smallest of plots or even on a balcony, roof garden or windowsill, with a raised box or pots and other types of planters. In Grow Your Own Health Garden, Nat Hawes tells you how to work with nature to produce a rich crop of healthy and delicious food, and which foods are best to grow nutritionally and as remedies for common ailments.

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Vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and fruits with their health benefits and key nutritional ingredients as well as companion plants that are beneficial to wildlife and food-crop growing when left to flower: Borage, Buddleia, Caraway, Carrots, Celery, Coriander, Cow parsley, Dandelion, Dill, Fennel, Golden marguerite, Lovage, Mint, Parsnips, Parsley, Scented stocks, Sweet peas, Yarrow. Plus how to deter garden pests by attracting their natural predators and plants that are harmful to children and pets.

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About the Author

Nat Hawes runs a successful Nutritional Therapy Clinic in London, England, where she deals with patients suffering from Injury, surgery and infections, as well as from allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes, digestive disorders, infertility, insomnia, obesity, pain and inflammation, mental health issues. She has spent 15 years researching and compiling her internationally popular website which brings together both the health problems that can be helped by nutritional interventions, and the healing properties of natural foods.

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