Hope through Poetry

Samantha Crilly

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‘This is a moving debut publication from a bright young talent who has forged meaning out of hardship. As one who has read and written poetry throughout my life, I know how much inspiration and solace it can give. Everyone, especially if they feel troubled or anxious, will find this book an invaluable source of comfort and know they are not alone.’ Marjorie Wallace CBE FRCPsych Founder and Chief Executive of SANE.

From her own experience of mental illness and what she has learned from friends and family, and extensive research, Samantha Crilly shares a collection of more than 50 inspirational poems that give an honest and relatable insight into what it means to have a mental illness and what causes and triggers may lie behind it. Some are light-hearted and humorous, others go very deep, but all shed new light and have a positive ending for the reader. If you have a mental health issue, Samantha’s insightful poems are there as comforting companions. For families and carers of sufferers, these poems bring fresh understanding of what your loved one is battling. Through Samantha’s experience of recovery they also bring acceptance, strength and hope.

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Fifty poems relating to mental health and the experience of living with: depression, OCD, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, self-harm and suicide. They also look at the effect of mental illness on relationships and include the themes of: family and other relationships; it’s okay not to be okay; self-esteem; building acceptance towards one another; the pressures to conform; power; energy; humour; and the need to live sustainably emotionally as well as physically. The poems are presented in sections: Family, Other relationships, Illness, Emotions, Society, Life and Recovery

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About the Author

Samantha Crilly began to write poetry while recovering from an eating disorder and OCD, finding this the ideal medium for expressing the hidden inner conflicts that underlie mental health issues, especially for her generation. Samantha is now fully recovered from her eating disorder and in recovery from OCD. She is a drama graduate and a regular speaker, with her twin sister Charlotte, for the charity SANE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQV0PB0d2es.

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