The Concise Perrin Technique

Dr Raymond Perrin

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This practical handbook gives you the basics of WHY and HOW to use the Perrin Technique to underpin recovery from ME/CFS and restore healthy lymphatic drainage from the brain and follows up on the second edition of The Perrin Technique which was published on 11 March 2021. Bringing the context, the background science and Dr Perrin’s clinical findings fully up-to-date, this 2nd Edition is now a comprehensive account of the structural and neuro-immunological problems that can lead to myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, ideal for practitioners/physical therapists and all those wishing to gain a thorough understanding of these complex conditions. But at 530 pp this will be too overwhelming for many severely fatigued patients who, at the start of their journey to recovery, just want the basics – why they are ill, why they have the symptoms they have and what they need to do to get better. The Concise Perrin Technique offers this key information together with three illuminating, detailed case histories and answers to the questions most frequently asked about the Perrin Technique – start your journey to recovery now.

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The basics – how the Perrin Technique works; CFS/ME and FMS – what’s really going on? The role of toxins in MC/CFS and FMS; The stages leading to ME/CFS and FMS; Treatment for CFS/ME and FMS using the Perrin Technique; FAQs; Common pathological and radiological tests; The Perrin questionnaire for ME/CFS and FMS; Resources

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About the Author

Raymond N Perrin DO PhD was the inaugural Winner of the Institute of Osteopathy’s 2015 Research and Practice Award. He is Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Allied Health Professions, University of Central Lancashire, and a Registered Osteopath and Specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Treating a patient for back pain in 1989 led him to the concept that there was a structural basis to ME/CFS. He has spent over thirty years researching the medical facts and sifting the scientific evidence while successfully treating an increasing number of CFS/ME sufferers and teaching fellow osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists the fundamentals of the Perrin Technique.

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