Time to Repair

Vicky Fox

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When recovering from surgery and/or aggressive medical treatments we may need help with healing over and above rest and a good diet. Vicky Fox’s expertise in yoga for those with cancer diagnosis has given her practical understanding of how yoga can promote healing in the gentlest yet most fundamental ways but that patients are often held back by perceived lack of time to learn new skills and put them into practice. In this practical, illustrated guide to developing a yoga practice that supports healing, 5 minutes at a time, Vicky shows how to help the body restore balance, optimising the natural potential to repair following adverse events. Yoga is about becoming more flexible physically and psychologically/emotionally. The book builds on findings that it can help with insomnia, anxiety, bone density, inflammation, immunity, strength, balance and overall wellbeing – provided we can find the time.

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Taking control 5 minutes at a time; Union – creating a sense of wholeness to allow the body to repair; Union of energies; Love is everything; Dome of the diaphragm; Union and the immune system; Stress; Smile and world smiles with you; Building strength; Starting to practise; Creating a safe space to repair; Props; Creating an intention; Mudras to balance energies; Mantras to take back control; Natural curve of the spine; Breathing; Breathing practices : 5 minutes of- savasana, body scan, for balance (alternate nostril breathing), for calming (Brahmari breathing), for energising (Viloma breathing), for colling (straw breathing); Asana practice: supine, seated, standing, balancing, restorative practices, meditation practices, create a sequence.



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About the Author

Victoria (Vicky) Fox, BSc is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer (Yoga Alliance) and has been teaching yoga specifically to people diagnosed with cancer since 2013. She teaches at triyoga.co.uk yoga, daily encountering the need for help with cancer/treatment side effects, and runs training for fellow yoga teachers to do similar. She has worked for Leaders in Oncology Care, Bowel Cancer UK, Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, Future Dreams, Ovarian Cancer, Perci Health, Royal Marsden, Lymphoedema Network and also teaches one-to-one. In addition, she teaches anatomy on various teacher training courses.

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