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Beverley Jarvis – Eat Well To Age Well

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The latest book from fabulous author Beverley Jarvis is: Eat Well To Age Well. It covers some amazing recipes with a variety of delicious ingredients, all packed with healthy nutrients. The recipes are designed to be made by anyone, no matter their culinary abilities.

Beverley has filmed some fantastic video content for us to share. Firstly 2 recipes from her book, an Asian inspired pan fried Turkey and Vegetable stir fry, secondly a Sweet Potato dish with Smoked Mackerel, Horseradish and Parsley

In her second video, Beverley shares some simple healthy food swaps that we can all make to improve our diet:

Lastly, with the amazing invention of the Air Fryer, Beverley shares a beautiful Salmon Dish, along with some fantastic home-made muffins that you can do in your Air Fryer.

Click here to buy Eat Well To Age Well, directly here on the Hammersmith Health Books Website.

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Why have I written Transforming Trauma NOW?

Blog written by Dr Heather Herington, author of ‘Transforming Trauma‘.

Honestly, I wish I had written this book years ago as, of late, the rate of trauma has increased dramatically, particularly within the vectors of teenage suicides, and human trafficking. These events join rape, war, resettlement, and so many other adverse experiences that can create chronic imbalance in our limbic system along with conscious thought processes governed by the brain’s pre-frontal cortex, sometimes leading to a lifetime of chronic anxiety.

However, I am comforted by the hope that now, following the failure of pharmaceutical companies and public health officials to manage Covid-19, more and more people will understand that drugs dispensed by the orthodox medical profession are not the categorical answer to the attainment of a healthy mental state. That ship has sailed. The opioid crisis alone has shown us that. Rather, we need to call on the full slate of natural health practitioners as well as psychologists to both balance body chemistry and provide an effective means of discovering the story hidden within, the one at the root of the traumatic event, which can lead to healing the lingering response.

Simply put, the little-known Flexner Report of 1910 (commissioned by Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller, American oil barons who were eager to advance corporate interests in medical education) is to blame for the lack of knowledge of natural medicine, as my book explains. Yet nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, guided visualization, and the expressive arts have so much to offer to heal a shaken mind or heart. In fact people in the 1800s with an array of doctors at their disposal ended up eschewing “heroic” medicine (bloodletting, calomel, mercury, purging) being practiced by the so-called “regulars,” the predecessors of today’s allopathic doctors, as they witnessed their loved ones dying and turned to natural medicine. Is this no different than what is happening today with drugs, lockdowns, and vaccine side effects? The one silver lining is that natural healing methods can now emerge from the shadows.

Canadian William Osler M.D. – renowned professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins and advocate of “medicine as art” as well as scientific inquiry – voiced his criticisms of Abraham Flexner’s report. I imagine he would voice his disdain at the mess we find ourselves in today.

I believe my two-pronged approach described in Transforming Trauma is an answer to what has gone wrong from the sterilization of medical practice by the Flexner Report. It is safe, it is effective and ultimately it is fun and full of self-discovery. Balance the biochemistry first – find out what is causing oxidative stress (i.e., inflammation) through the uniqueness of the individual (possible allergies, toxins, lifestyle choices) so that blood sugar, blood pressure, tendency to addictions, can be calmed and balanced. Once this is accomplished, or concurrently, we find a way in, to center through meditation and similar mind-body techniques, as we deepen self-discovery, using the imagination, and ultimately bringing in art, music, dance/movement, singing/vocalizing, and acting.

This book transports you beyond the limits of current mental health practice and a pill for every ill to a place where one can heal without the use of pharmaceuticals, ultimately releasing the tragedy at the root of the trauma. Click here to buy now or read the first chapter for free.

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The Perrin Technique Second Edition – Coming Soon…

We have some exciting news to share about The Perrin Technique. This was first published in 2007 and since then has sold over 11k copies, helping very many people with CFS/ME (including the HHB publisher’s son) back to health. Author Dr Raymond Perrin has been working on a new edition for some years but had found clinical commitments plus invitations to lecture and train abroad worked against his completing this major work. Now with lockdown he has been able to finalise the second edition of his book and this will be available towards the end of the year.

It is greatly expanded and now includes all the latest research that sheds light on the importance of the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage in health. While in 2007, the connection between cranial lymphatic blockage and chronic fatigue was a ‘hypothesis’ that was supported only by the results of treatment with the Perrin Technique; now the science exists to transform hypothesis into knowledge and to explain the diverse symptoms of CFS/ME.

Because the second edition, with the new sub-title  ‘How to diagnose and treat chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and fibromyalgia via the lymphatic drainage of the brain’, is greatly expanded (it will be around 500 pages) we will have to increase the price considerably but will ensure there is a more reasonably priced eBook as an alternative.

We are announcing the second edition now because copies of the first edition have run out and we can no longer offer it for sale. You may be able to find it online from some vendors and the author also has some copies remaining and can be contacted via for anyone who can’t wait for the second edition – and the eBook continues to be available here. 

If you wish to leave an expression of interest with Hammersmith Health Books regarding a pre-publication special offer, please contact us via and you can pre-order from Amazon and other booksellers. Please bear with us while we complete work on this large, complex and highly illustrated book. We can’t wait… but we have to get it right!